Oaxacan Dinner

Oaxacan Dinner


April 26



We're going to Oaxaca! 

Traveling is one of the most inspiring acts for me. There are new sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that dazzle and enliven every sense. Particularly when you are traveling to a place so different from the one you call home.

In Oaxaca we will be taking classes on Mole and Mezcal. We will be scouring the markets for new ingredients to infuse into our cooking. We'll learn the secrets of this honored cuisine from the people who live it and cook it everyday. 

And we want to share this experience with you!

Tickets are now on sale for this unique dining experience. Follow along while we spend 3 glorious days in Mexico ( on Instagram - @ashrod & @julieahubert) then come join Julie and I (Ashley) at the table while we delight the senses with all that we learned while in Oaxaca. 

Dinner and Beverage Pairing $95 per person (Tax and Tip Included)

Get your tickets here! Hurry - this one will go fast!


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