An intimate space to create beauty for the everyday.

So what exactly does that mean?

For each of us it means something a little different.

Ashley Rodriguez

For me, the shop is my space to create. To develop new recipes, take pictures and to create the content that I get the joy of sharing with you all daily. It’s a place for me to play, to continue to develop my skills and unleash my creativity around food. It’s also where I gather friends, family and the community around the table. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle for me. My love for food is really a love for spending time at the table. This is my table and I hope you all will join me there.

Hina Mughal

For Hina it’s a place to gather people who are curious about learning a new craft. She will be hosting a variety of classes and workshops around the table that seek to inspire and create beauty for the everyday. We will learn more about all natural beauty products we can make ourselves, we will forage for mushrooms, leaves and roots for the purpose of dying linens and fabrics, we will embroider and take a deep dive into wine education. Curious about learning a new craft? We always are eager to hear what you want to learn.

HIna Mughal

Gabe Rodriguez

For Gabe it's a place to bring people together around thick slices of ricotta toast and freshly roasted coffee (or tea!) as we share a long table for a co-op style work day. Or gathered around the firepit for cocktails (and perhaps a cigar). Beyond just a fun evening, we will build stronger relationships by connecting folks who may be very different in a lot of ways but share similar interests and passions. What we need is not more walls, it's a larger table where everyone has a seat.

Kitchen. Dinners. Craft Workshops.

The Not Without Salt Shop is an extension of my (Ashley) blog, For over 10 years I've been sharing my life and food online. This shop and the products you'll find here represent our favorites - the things I use in my kitchen regularly. We’ve expanded beyond just kitchen and pantry items into beauty products that we know and love as well as a curated section of favorite books and other lovely items. It's my way of connecting even more closely to you. 

Come visit our flagship store to host a private dinner, attend an intimate workshop or shop our shelves filled with our favorite things. 


A portion of every purchase goes directly to First Aid Arts. They provide arts-based tools and training to beautifully heal the negative effects of trauma on the brain, body, and spirit. Please read more about the amazing work they are doing daily in the lives of people across the globe.


We want happy customers!  If you have ANY issues please email so we can take care of the problem right away.

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